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    You Complete My Glutes

    14 thoughts on “You Complete My Glutes

    1. This was a great workout!
      I have a bad knee, but it is feeling stronger since I am working out consistently.

    2. Today my body is telling me I don’t want to exercise today but of course here I am my legs feel like cement is on the bottom of them after the work out

    3. loved this, used it with a small group of older folks me included and modified as you suggested–hit the maintaining core hard–excellent.. thanks

    4. Currently working out with an ankle fracture in a boot. Could you please do a rep or two of the last couple exercises in the chair. I wasn’t positive I had the correct position. Plus I’m 5 foot 2 inches so I don’t have the height to kneel on the floor and have my butt in the chair. Could not figure that one out. Otherwise, good workout.

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