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    The Body Toner For Raw Strength

    5 thoughts on “The Body Toner For Raw Strength

    1. OMG! That was great! My main focus is on my aches and pains. The arthritis in my knees
      and the pain in my hips. I already workout with you everyday starting in the morning with
      your early morning stretches. At work its your 5 to 15 min. short videos. At home I do the longer mobility workouts, cardio and lift weights. Its so many workouts I’m all over the
      place. So I’ve picked out a few mobility workouts I can do everyday. I definitely feel stronger sense I’ve been doing your workouts. I’m 62 yrs old and love working out but with
      these knees I thought I would have to give it up. I’m so glad I found your channel
      Thank you

    2. I just did this workout. Added it to my calendar for tomorrow. Moving onto to another workout.

    3. thank you Donovan. I am using my calendar to keep track of my workouts. I like 15-30 minute workouts that fit into my insane schedule. I want to build strength, flexibility, and increase heart health. Is it good to do a couple of workouts at different times of the day and can you suggest a combination that might work for that?

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