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    The Best Cardio Chairworkout For Energy

    8 thoughts on “The Best Cardio Chairworkout For Energy

    1. Wow! I really felt that workout and the burn πŸ”₯. I am so happy with it. I will say that I have knee problems and there are no excuses. It’s possible to do the chair workout and feel good and get stronger as you keep doing it. Overall lose weight . Keep the consistency and you will feel better . Thank you!!

    2. Good. Question. How do I do the part of leaning forward and up, off the chair? I have to use a mobility device and cannot really stand without it but would like to start building those muscles up. Any advice?

      1. Great question Janet. Use your device to help you to stand. Start by using it as full support and then gradually use more of your muscles and less of the device. This might also be something just not do at all. Always choose what feels doable.

    3. love the legs and that 10 minutes were great especially the last one my coordination is not the best and I really had to concentrate on how to move my arms in between my legs
      Thank Donavan

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