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OMG That Was Crazy

9 thoughts on “OMG That Was Crazy

  1. This workout is so good, I feel better, attitude adjusted. Yes, Yes, more of Mom and more of Wife!! Dog wants attention – have a doggie treadmill? More instruction on sitting on edge of chair or sitting back (not touching the back) of the chair. It makes a difference sometimes for me. Thank you Donovan.

    1. You will definitely see more of them. As for TITAn, he gets too much attention. I’m going got have to get him a job. 🤣

  2. I love when your Mom is with you and I love that you call her “Mommy.” I didn’t feel like working out this morning. I’m still sore from the last go of it. I’m going to do more stretching with you throughout the day because my body is tight this morning. Thank you, as always, Donovan.

  3. First workout in about a month. Health problems but can’t stop living. That was fun!! And you know how I feel about your family.🤗🤗

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