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    Knee Stabilization Training

    12 thoughts on “Knee Stabilization Training

    1. Still trying to loosen up the right knee and trying to put weight on it A tiny bit better then yesterday

    2. Today is Monday my knee was feeling better yesterday then it is feeling today I don’t know how many times I have did this strengthening exercise today already trying to get better

    3. Right knee has been a huge problem for me for about 8 yrs now. My gait is off as a result my right side is locked short. What is a daily routine? I workout 5x a week currently. I was apart of another group but your format seems to help me the most and I’m seeing better results. Thank you in advance.

    4. Good morning thank you so much I had two knee replacements 4 years ago and I have MS and some other things I thank you so much this is helping me to get stronger we could do all things through Christ and having a coach like you

    5. I did much better today with Softening my right knee although I hate to hold on my knee felt so much better today when I bend it

    6. It is hard trying to get my knee two softene up so i can lift the other leg but I am not going to give up it’s getting better however long it takes

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