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    20 Minute Mobility Total Body Workout For Beginners

    12 thoughts on “20 Minute Mobility Total Body Workout For Beginners

    1. I love having more energy, feeling stronger, and having the will to challenge myself. The variety of chair workouts is amazing. I recently discovered “The Best 20 Minute Indoor Walking Cardio Workout” Loved it! https://youtu.be/DIKev6e8n8o

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love working out with you and your family. So happy to be a member of the chair workout family. I often share the chair workouts videos posted on youtube with friends and family members and I tag this message “A body is just a body until you make it a temple”.

    2. This is good strength training – yes? My back and chest muscles are looking good, people are beginning to talk about it! Thank you Donovan! There is a section that we ladies contend with, you may or may not know about it’s the fatty part under the arm our bra cuts into it and it can be quite uncomfortable. I think we can relocate that fatty part somewhere else – maybe drop it on the floor? LOL! Not familiar? Ask the wife or Mom for sure. They will know what I am talking about.
      Thank you for a good workout – every time!

    3. Donovan green I thought that was gonna be easy because you said it was a beginner exercise that was really rough . ❤️

    4. Blessings and good morning donovan green thank you for all your videos that been so helpful, I deal with a lot of pain in my body inspite of it I always had a never give up spirit, so thanks again

    5. Thank you! Awesome, awesome, awesome! I forgot to enter the support coupon code but you’re worth it man! Thank you 🙏

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