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  • Exclusive Virtual Classes

    I am offering the highest quality and convenience at a truly affordable price. I don’t require long-term contracts, instead, I believe you should work out because it’s what you want to do. I am extending an amazing discount just because you’re here. This exclusive membership isn’t created for everyone. I am coaching only a handful of members who are looking for more personal attention in a group setting and can afford to pay the premium price. You will work out with me as your coach twice per week right in your living room without having to step foot in a gym. You will need basic equipment such as dumbbells, resistance bands, and a sturdy chair. Classes are held every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at different times virtually via zoom.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: All classes will be recorded and shared publicly for those who miss the class.

    This membership is recurring. Each month, on your renewal date, you will be automatically charged until you pause or cancel your membership.

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