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    Choosing The Best Chair For Exercise

    Choosing the best chair for exercise is something that many exercisers and coaches tend to overlook.

    Chair workouts are fun, doable, and can be accomplished anywhere you can sit. However, like any other exercise program, you have to have the right equipment to work out safely.

    All motorcycle helmets are not equal. Sure all helmets are designed to protect your head if you have an accident. But not all helmets are certified and tested before going to market. The end result of poorly made products is usually not good.

    And that is also true for all chairs. You can get injured or possibly worse if you do not use common sense when using a chair to sit or exercise.

    Finding the best chair for sitting isn’t tricky. But exercise requires a little more thought. You have to know what to look for when choosing the right chair.

    Do you get a chair that folds, has a handle, rolls, or swivels? Should your chair be lower or higher? Does it matter if I have a backrest or not? What weight capacity should I look for if I’m obese?

    Watch this short video and tell me if you are safe with the chair you’re using or do you think you need to change it for a better one.

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