Hi, I am Donovan Green. Author of No Excuses Fitness, Personal Trainer to Dr. Mehmet Oz, and Chairman of Chairworkouts.com.

Let me share my philosophy on life with you. Everything in life worth having comes with a struggle. I don’t care if we’re t chasing after that perfect girl or guy, a job you really
want or your fitness goals. Those things you work for, those things you earn-those are the things you will appreciate,value, and maintain.

I am one of those guys who believes that fitness has to be challenging to your mind, body, and spirit to achieve long lasting results. I believe in pushing myself to my physical limits.
I lift the heaviest weights I can lift and run as fast as my body will go. My clients have come to share this same type of belief because that passion for pushing the limit is what reaps
all the rewards. Keep going even when it hurts, and it will pay off. Even when I have an injury or my clients have an injury, we keep going. I know to work around that injury and still have
a fantastic workout. Just because your ankle is injured does’t mean your arms cannot keep going. A strained shoulder does not keep your legs from moving. Keep going.

Keep going is my motto. I train all of my clients with care for their bodies while at the same time kicking their butts. They smile, laugh, cry, yell, hate me, and love me, all at the same time-I LOVE IT!

Education and knowledge is the key to a rewarding workout. I educate each of my clients on how to work hard without hurting their bodies. This has paid off for me, time and time again. My clients are always grateful for my passion and my knowledge. You have no idea how often I hear
someone tell me that they wish they could bring me on vacation with them or clone me. I never paid much attention to these comments until I
began to notice how many people were getting hurt in the fitness industry. I believe in pushing my body to the limits, but I also know that my limit
might not include using my left wrist today. My limit may not include running on both legs today. Physical therapists make money because people don’t know how to be passionate and safe.

I want to take you on a journey with me towards the best version of you. I will push you to your limit and then prove to you that you can go farther. I will show you what it feels like on the inside to reach your own peak and then look back down that trail.
Each of us has infinite capacity to keep going. Deep inside your DNA is the fight or flight, primordial survivor who hunted down saber tooth tigers and chased after Mastodon. That person is still there, waiting to be tapped into the ring.

Chair Workouts is my way of showing you that you can do this!

“The chair is now a tool of productivity rather than a tool of sedentary death. I hope you’ll join me on this incredible journey of getting healthy and fit again, CHAIR UP!!”

Donovan Green