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Most people fail with losing weight because they tend to live their lives on expectations. They wake up each day just going with the flow and fail to see the big picture staring them right in the face. They assume that losing weight or getting healthier starts with some fad diet or some Bootcamp that everyone is raving about. But none of that will matter if you don’t start dealing with your self first. You have to find what shifted for you on the inside and fix it before you work on the outside.

Even though we know you can and will get the RESULTS, we are not solely focused on weight loss. What we focus on is YOU as a person because once again, who you are on the inside will reflect who you are on the outside.


We want to impact 1,000,000 lives across the world by teaching simple yet effective ways to take control of their health. Many fitness programs are being created around the world, but very few are focusing on what I call the forgotten crowd. This includes the elderly, injured, obese, beginners, office workers, drivers, wheelchair-bound, people with knee, or back pain. And there are so man other groups not mentioned. Chair Workouts is setting the standard and standing up for all you who feel left out.

You’re here because you want to learn more about Chair Workouts and what it can do for you. Well, you won’t be disappointed. I promise. All you have to do is TRUST us.

—Donovan Green


Chair Workouts has been operating since 2008 and went virtual in 2012. It was created by one of the world’s #1 fitness experts who happen to be the trainer to Dr.Oz and many other top experts in the world. Donovan Green has also authored a book called No Excuses Fitness and has traveled all over the country to speak to thousands of people about fitness, lifestyle, and business. He is also a graduate of Integrative Nutrition and holds a black belt in the art of jujitsu.


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Our service isn’t just for everybody. The people we focus on those who are sick and tired of feeling tired. Want to improve overall health, lose some weight, feeling achy all day, have bad knees, a bad back, obese, recovering from an injury, tired of feeling old, want to stop feeling sick, sitting in an office all day, and that list goes on…


Our service is not for you if you are a negative person who only has negative things to share in the world. We do not focus on powerlifters, CrossFit, or bodybuilding type of workouts. If you are looking for hardcore workouts, then this isn’t the place for you. However, we do have Advancedexercises that will challenge pretty much anyone looking to maintain their strength.

Chair Workouts is my way of showing you that you can do this!

“The chair is now a tool of productivity rather than a tool of sedentary death. I hope you’ll join me on this incredible journey of getting healthy and fit again, So, CHAIR UP!!”

Donovan Green
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