Stop Making Excuses And Start Making Progress!

Are you a wife, grandmother, stay home mom, or business owner who wants to get healthier, feel stronger, lose some weight…without feeling overwhelmed or stuck? Here at Chair Workouts, we’re going to show you how to quickly get fit with low impact workouts that work. There will be no trendy gadgets, supplements, or unsafe exercises! Just pure FUN and some well-needed talk from your coach and chairman Donovan Green.

Workout On Your Own Time With Our Customizable Calendar.

Design your own workout plan for the week, month, or year, and start taking charge of your health RIGHT NOW! Chair Workouts will work for anyone, regardless of current fitness level, budget, or schedule. It’s also super easy to do, and it takes just a few minutes a day. It can be done at home, in a park, or at the office. So start building the NEW you today.

Discover simple ways to start living the life you want to live and STOP sabotaging yourself.

There are many ways to get fit, such as boot camps, extreme dieting, joining a gym, eating just air, etc… But the key to good health is learning how to develop a healthy temple. We will teach you how to dominate your life without falling victim to all the noise circulating the web. You will learn the things that work and avoid the things that Do Not! I’m sure you’re tired of seeing all those ads promising big dreams, and so are we.


Most people fail with losing weight because they tend to live their lives on expectations. They wake up each day just going with the flow and fail to see the big picture staring them right in the face. They assume that losing weight or getting healthier starts with some fad diet or some Bootcamp that everyone is raving about.


25+ years of service to the fitness industry. Educating members on safe ways to get fit at the home or the office.


400+ High-quality videos that produce amazing RESULTS for all levels. Our workouts are FUN + EFFECTIVE for all members.


10+ thousand happy family members who always keep coming back for more AMAZING workouts.


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